Thursday, January 23, 2014


I would lie if I didn't say I have been quite anxious about lessons starting. I have let thoughts of self-doubt creep in..... then I would remind myself of all of God's provisions in getting me to this point in my life, and excitement would build back up. January started off with some really cold weather. My first day of lessons was celebrated along with icy 15 degree weather (or maybe lower, i'm always the optimist estimator when it comes to numbers - drives Brad crazy). Despite the cold temperatures we had such a great time. I left the class saying, "THANK YOU LORD! I LOVE this!!". The following classes have gone just as great. Not to say that all of this change in the Brashier household has been easy.... We have definitely had our challenges..... First of which is me having to have supper planned and prepared PRIOR to my after school classes. Thank you This website is fabulous and has made my meal planning SO much easier.
Another problem was parking. Sheesh. Didn't see that one coming. 3 loads of gravel and a frustrated Brad on a tractor later and we are set. Parking. Done. 
I may bombard you with this first Painted Wren Studio post, but these kiddos are just so sweet. I have learned quickly that I do not pray for my kid's teachers enough or thank them enough. They have a hard job. I do it for an hour and 15 min 3x a week. They teach all day, 5 days a week! Pray for your child's/children's teachers!!!
I hope you enjoy the happy faces of the kiddos I am blessed by!

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