Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting ReAdY for some art!

This weekend we started the clean-out process of the shop. It hasn't quite earned it's title of The Painted Wren studio just yet! We hauled off a little over 1,000 lbs of JUNK to the dump. Not to mention 3 truck fulls to the TCPS rummage sale. It was not fun work, but very rewarding to see the nice amount of space we will have to work with. A big thank you to Ben and Nicole Kilman for donating two couches to the cause. The kids sat on the couch while I swept and we dreamed together about the projects we would do together. We are EXCITED to say the least. God has some fun things in store for us.
With all that being said, I will have to cut back on a few things to accomplish our goal of opening in January (sign up sheets coming soon!!!) So, for now the t-shirt business is on hold. I have a few FAITH t-shirts left. I guess you could say that it is a "hard-to-find-retired-after only 2 months-design". ha! I will also not be taking any orders this season or designing Christmas cards.
Thank you all who have prayed and supported me and my dream!!!

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