Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GOD's Provision

Why are we so surprised by God's Provision? And on the other hand, why do we ever doubt that He will provide exactly what we need and just the right time? After 2 weeks of full-fledged summer, I realized that my 5 art camps were going to be nearly impossible. My children needed me. My little ones needed every ounce of me. I tried to work it out in my head that it was going to be ok. I could handle it. Thanks to the honesty of my precious Mama, I realized, you know what? I can't do this this summer. So after much prayer and consideration from Brad and me, we decided cancelling camp was what we needed to do. Let me add that all in that very same week, I had to get new tires AND buy a new MAC book...... so canceling was hard to do financially. After I canceled camps, I realized I had the WHOLE studio to myself the WHOLE summer. What to paint first? I decided to use some of the reclaimed wood my Daddy had given me from an old hunting club to paint on. I started cutting. I started painting. The more I painted the more I was confirmed in my decision to cancel art camps.  Do you know that in 2 days of sales and pre-orders, I will make almost exactly what I would have made in my art classes? The simplicity of what I was painting overwhelms me. I have been painting a simple manger scene of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. So simple, yet the most complex reality we will ever know. Jesus was born for me. For my family. For You. I am blown away by your support and orders for these precious manger scenes. THANK YOU!